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Investing isn't easy

Edible Finance makes it
deliciously bite-sized and digestible!
How do we do it? Find out below


Build Your Knowledge

Our goal is to help you learn about all of the different struggles of investing, and how to overcome them. The only way to do this is to arm yourself with the information. Knowledge is power!


Learn Efficiently

Short bite-sized tidbits for you to snack on, delivered straight to your smartphone. Think Instagram stories! With our goal of a low daily time commitment, it won't take long before you start building a more secure financial future.

Execute As You Learn

Our lessons equip you with the knowledge to start practicing what you learn. Lessons are designed to have you applying the concepts as you go, for a more immersive and diverse experience towards investing.


What's Edible?

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Sunny Gupta

Sunny hails from the financial planning, analysis, and investments world with deep roots in information systems & technology. He actively trades equities, derivatives, and commodities. As an active portfolio manager with extensive experience in coaching family, friends, and acquaintances in all aspects of personal finance and investing, he doesn't hesitate to make sure that your money works the hardest for you.

Who We Are
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